Care Management Systems for Social Care

Fastroi’s Care Management Systems increase the flow of social care information and free up the time of nursing staff from routine to customer work.

Real-Time Care™ Brings More time for the Actual Care Work

RTC™ helps provide the best quality care and meets the high requirements of care services.
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We are proud of Our Customer References

Our software is used in residential, domiciliary and reablement care services.
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Digitise Care Services with Our Care Management Software

Fastroi are a software company producing health and social care management systems for residential, domiciliary and reablement care services. At Fastroi, we believe that Health and Social Care companies deserve the latest digital tools to help them deliver a higher quality of care with greater accountability. Our fully integrated system allows management a better overview of the operations of their business, while allowing their employees to be more focused on care work.

Fastroi provides digital tools for care companies to become outstanding. Digital tools help save time from both administrative and care work tasks.Real-Time Care™ is one of the most comprehensive tools available to Care organisations, allowing them to develop a more efficient, higher quality service by using a single integrated platform.

Software Development that Makes a Difference

At Fastroi, we want to help people working in social care by passionately doing what we do best – develop software, train our clients on how to use them, look at trends in the market and in regulatory environment and adapt, lead the way in designing innovate digital tools, market and sell our products, or help to serve clients in the best way we can. We feel our work is meaningful and we get real joy whenever we hear how our products have made someone’s day easier – the results have meant fewer mistakes, a less stressful work days and better time management. 

We value social and health care experience, and we try to develop our systems together with social care professionals in the field. We have been providing system solutions to both the private and public sectors for over eighteen years in Finland. We have been operating in the United Kingdom since 2019 when we published our newest product, RTC in the UK markets. In Finland we operate in two different locations, Joensuu and Tampere. Fastroi are part of myneva Group GmbH. Find out more about us as a company and employer.