The Exquisite Corpse

The paper is passed onto the next friend who draws a torso. Again, anything goes! The paper is again folded and passed onto the next person for the legs and finally the feet. Once every part of the drawing has been finished, the paper is unfolded and the whole body is revealed. It’s great fun and the results can be quite interesting depending on how weird your friends are!

Surreal and fantastical results

As I was thinking what to write for this blog post I was reminded of this game. After doing a quick search I found out that its name is ‘The Exquisite Corpse’. It was a game developed by the Bauhaus artistic movement in Paris in the early 20th Century. The name I suppose relates to the fact that the game reveals a strange body that is surreal and fantastical. So what does this have to do with Care Management Software? Good question!! Let me explain.

This month we want to talk about care plans and care planning. When care plans are created on paper and stored in filing cabinets, the results could often be difficult to manage. The information wasn’t available to those who necessarily needed it and it could be very difficult for all of the relevant people to have access to the care plan and more importantly, to ensure that it was enacted upon. If the relevant people are in different locations, there could be a time lag as letters are sent with information updates to the plan. This all adds to the chance that things are overlooked, forgotten or mistakes made. In the age of GDPR regulations and data protection, this way of caring for people could have major implications for non conformance issues.

How not to do a care plan

Care Management Software can take the exquisite corpse method of care planning and moves it into a more reliable and safe environment. The idea of having the care plans available to a specially selected group of health and social professionals in a single digital location means that the plan is always visible, under control and up to date.

So while the folded paper game may be great fun to play with the final results being both interesting and amusing, we do not want our care plans to be created in the same way. One of the advantages of having all of the information stored in a single digital location, allows us to create care plans that are both collaborative but also they can be easily accessed by anyone who needs to see them whenever and wherever necessary. We will take a closer look at the finer points of electronic care planning in our next blog post. In the meantime, why not play a game of The Exquisite Corpse and see what happens.