Fastroi’s yearly Customer Training Days in Finland

The main difference seemed to be that the general attitude towards social care in Finland is a lot more positive than in the UK. The people who work within the sector are held in a lot higher regard and one of the biggest areas this is reflected in, is the amount they are paid to do the job, as well as the role being seen in a similar light to nursing. The main similarities were that in both countries the people who work in social care are deeply committed to their jobs and the people they support, and also to making a positive difference in their lives. The other thing I noticed,  was that by making digital improvements within the way they work, it has a big impact on improving how you deliver a service and the outcomes of the people receiving it.

We do it Together

The Fastroi and Tiera training and yearly customer days were held at Tampere House on 4-5 September this year. Across both training days, there was a total of over 220 participants. The theme was “We do it Together” and we took this theme into account throughout the whole program. We organized the event in cooperation with our biggest customer, the Kuntien Tiera team. During the days, numerous workshops were held on the different features of the RTC and Nappula systems, interesting discussions were held between different actors in the social care field and some networking also took place. The evening program featured pampering and crafts followed by a dinner and live music.

Our partners join the event too

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ can be connected to dozens of systems through its interfaces. In addition, our partners,Kuntien Tiera, Atostek, Causalus, Parasta Palvelua, Raisoft, Tunstall, Visma Solutions/Netvisor and Vivago , presented and explained how their software can be utilized by our RTC system customers.

Feedback from the training days

We asked our customers for feedback during the event.  They told us that training in small groups was very useful based on how they work within their own organisations. Our customers also appreciated listening to others’ experiences & practices of using the software and networking with others was also a big part of the training days. In addition, we received suggestions for improving the content of the programs and training for next year’s event.

We also conducted a feedback survey after the event, almost 82.3% were satisfied or very satisfied with all the training days and content (45 respondents). Tiera Mobile Home Care Days and the educational content reached 100% satisfaction (18 respondents). Our clients appreciate and enjoy our annual training days and are were happy to note that we were able to provide the same level of content that they found interesting as the other years we have had the training days. We are working on developing the event so that we can create a whole new kind of program for next year’s training days.

A big thank you to our clients and partners who participated in the training! Hope to see you again next year!