New White Paper: Why Should I Use Care Management Software?

Better Tools, Better Care

This is obviously a very personal issue and so we didn’t want to simply write a ten page feature list. Now more than ever, working in care requires an emotional investment and the more time we spend doing the job, the more valuable our experience becomes. Alongside the extraordinary commitment and dedication of care staff, we must support them with the right tools. That’s where Fastroi comes in.  We want to give care companies the best tools to improve the level of care they provide. So instead of listing off a bunch of features, we have put together some interesting analogies and stories to try and explain some of the principles behind products like Fastroi’s Real-Time Care™.

Puzzles Books and Pictures

Managing care has historically been a very labour intensive activity. Staff rostering, scheduling and invoicing are just a few examples of admin tasks that can swallow up staff time and money. In one example, we look at how using the traditional pen and paper system for planning the staff rostas can be like a popular tea break puzzle. We also make the link between how in the absence of a single tool that keeps all of the activity within one secure location, staff needing to use different, unconnected, tools can seem like the work of an early 20th century novelty artist. Removing the complexity of the old pen and paper systems and providing staff with all of the information that they need within one easy to use tool is the only way to reduce mistakes and ensure that the care we provide is of a consistent quality. At the same time we look at how the systems make life easier for the care manager by giving them the ability to plan, report and monitor all of the activities that they are responsible for as well as creating a safe environment for everyone.

Compliance and Security

We also examine several aspects of care management software that are vital in today’s connected society, namely compliance and security. One factor is the way that we employ role based access control to ensure that both staff and client data is only available to those with the appropriate clearance to do so. This makes it simple to see who has done what and when. This kind of digital trail is just another way that we can ensure the safety of the service users and the care staff by ensuring that everything is recorded.

Reducing Failures in Care

Ensuring that both staff and those we care for are protected through the use of better tools is vital. By providing staff with a little more information, we can also make them feel more secure and remove the fear of the unknown. Doing this will also improve the morale of the workers which will lead to improvements in staff retention. The white paper should answer many of the questions that you might have if you are thinking about starting to use an electronic based care system. We would urge you to download it and get in contact with us once you have read it. The simple reality is that any Care Management Software is an improvement on the old pen and paper methods, but the benefits of Real-Time Care™ from Fastroi make it one of the best solutions on the market. You can download our latest white paper here.
Kotihoito ja kotipalvelut

How Fastroi has been preparing for the coronavirus and ensuring our level of service in Finland

Since most of Fastroi’s customers are located in Finland, it has been vital for our business that we have taken steps to protect both our customers and their customers. 

The coronavirus is spreading throughout Finland, and a large number of our customers work within the coronavirus risk groups such as the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions. In accordance with the directions of the Finnish government during their March and April press conferences,  we have complied with the new laws very carefully, since the health of our customers and their customers is our highest priority.

To ensure the health and safety of our customers, staff, stakeholders and partners, we have taken the following steps to reduce the risk of the virus spreading:

  • We have followed THL’s guidelines (The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) for coronavirus prevention in our offices.
  • We have complied with a two-week quarantine period for people who have returned from foreign travels.
  • At Fastroi, we have had the facility for remote working for several years and we are encouraging all our employees to work remotely until further notice.
  • We have restricted all work related travel as well as refraining from using public transport.
  • We have moved all of our customer meetings and training to remote online methods.
  • We will not be participating in domestic and foreign trade fairs or events during the Spring of 2020.
  • We are also limiting the number of visits to our premises for our partners and we are conducting meetings remotely.

Customer service and ensuring our level of service

Despite these exceptional circumstances, our customer services and software are currently both operating normally. The management, maintenance and operation of our services can all be controlled remotely, so the continuity of services can be guaranteed, even in cases where access to physical premises has been prohibited. Our continuity plan contains actions related to failure situations and other business discontinuities, so we have been prepared for this situation for some time.

We care – an hour of work a week to help

In accordance with our values – We Care. During the COVID-19 crisis, each Fastroi employee can use one hour of their working week, to help those in need. We will deal with this exceptional situation by acting together and responsibly.

Communication of the situation

We will monitor the situation on the websites of THL, the Finnish government and healthcare authorities, as well as through their press conferences. We are actively informing our customers about current issues by e-mail and on our blog. We are also organising many free webinars to our customers to help them to use our software in their daily work.

If you have any questions, please contact your contact person at Fastroi or send us an email at