We have renewed our website

You can find our new website at www.fastroi.com. We have made a special effort to make product information more accessible. On our website, we also tell you extensively about the useful features of our Real-Time Care software, e.g. on our product and blog pages.

Our email addresses are changing

In connection with the website change, we have updated our e-mail addresses and they will be in the format firstname.lastname@fastroi.com. You can find our contact information conveniently here. However, any messages sent to the old @ fastroi.fi address will still be forwarded for the time being, so there will be no communication issues.

Our partners – Fabrik and AtFlow

The layout of the site was designed by a local advertising agency called Fabrik and the technical implementation by a local company called AtFlow. We started the project at the beginning of the year and the pages were completed on schedule. A big thank you to our partners for their excellent cooperation!

Customer experiences of using our software

We also aimed at better presenting our customers’ user experiences of our software on the website. I have had the pleasure of interviewing several of our customers remotely during the early part of the year and into Spring. I was pleased to have all feedback and development ideas about our products, as well as learning what our customers ’daily lives are like during this exceptional time. A warm thank you to our customers for their cooperation during the Spring!

Development ideas and feedback

If you have any feedback on our website, please email markkinointi@fastroi.com. We welcome all feedback and suggestions for improvement!

Welcome to our company, products and customers on our new website.

We hope you have an enjoyable and sunny summer and a big thank you to everyone involved in our website project!