A different year 2020

In February the world news channels began to bring news relating to the coronavirus, initially from around the world and later from Finland. We soon realized that the coronavirus was progressing into becoming a pandemic and our company also needed to launch measures to manage the risks associated with the disease. We changed to remote working at the end of February and as we had previously worked remotely the capability for us to do this therefore was already well established.

All work done directly with customers, such as sales, training, and projects, became more of a task to be done remotely during the Spring. At the same time, it was nice to notice that our customers’ capabilities for this have also developed significantly during the last 10-15 years. Together, we can thank online meeting tools, which are easier to use and technically better than before. They no longer require expensive equipment to take place, but everyone can smoothly join meetings directly from their own laptop or smartphone.

The best results ever in occupational well-being surveys

An interesting phenomenon was that even though we have worked remotely, nonetheless, or perhaps because of it, occupational well-being surveys have shown about the best results at work ever. On the other hand, during the rest of the year, there has already been a slight increase of people missing working with  their colleagues in the office. Of course, we have also done development work in small groups from time to time, also meeting each other in the office, during the past year. However, work has been done in large office spaces and using safety rules to manage and avoid health risks. In addition, we also organized a joint development day with the staff in August, in which everyone had the opportunity to participate remotely or work in the big meeting hall on site in Joensuu.

This year has also seen the phenomenon that national and international trade fairs and events have become virtual ones which have been good but there is still room for improvement in their technical implementation. Personally, I do not believe that the virtual shows will completely replace the normal events and trade shows. A face-to-face meeting is always a more holistic experience, whether it’s at a trade show, at a client’s office, or at our office.

Revenue growth and customer satisfaction increased

In terms of business, the early part of the year probably looked more quiet because of the coronavirus, than we had predicted. Over the rest of the year, however, the situation has gradually returned to normal. Our net sales are expected to grow slightly compared to the previous year, and we believe that our results will also be positive at the full-year level. A happy result in 2020 was that customer satisfaction with our Hilkka and Nappula software in Finland increased, compared to the previous year. In addition, Nappula also succeeded in a nationwide survey of social information customer information systems and obtained the best average of the responses given to a survey by social care professionals in the field.

Plans for 2021 in Finland and the United Kingdom

In the coming year, we will continue to develop our software and services as before. In our development, we utilize customer feedback and development ideas that emerged in connection with this year’s customer satisfaction survey. In addition, we will also be moving towards a national social archive for both products in Finland over the next year, and we hope to be able to test retrieval and storage of data with the first customers by the end of the year. This also requires that the development of the social archive at the national level also stays on schedule and that other systems are able to connect to the available interfaces.

Our business in the UK has been overtime over the past year due to the very challenging local covid situation. With the vaccinations that have already begun there, we have received more positive messages in that direction than before. We believe that our new Real-Time CareTM software will get its first production-level users there during the first quarter of the year. There now seems to be a need for digital solutions in the UK.

This year, we have donated funds for Christmas to Hope Ry in Finland.

We wish all our customers, partners and staff a healthy, peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

Fastroi supports Hope Finland.

CQC State of Care report 2020

Obviously, this year’s edition is particularly important given that it is the first one to deal with the impact that the corona virus has had on the sector and how that may have affected things.

The report was split into 4 different sections2), the first one was about what the quality of care was like before the pandemic, the second one covers the impact of the covid 19, the third one is about collaboration between partners and the fourth and final section is about looking forward, the challenges and opportunities ahead

Quality of care before the pandemic

Up to the 31st March 2020 the care received in England was mostly of a good quality, 80% of adult social care services were rated as good and 5% as outstanding (31 July 2019: 80%, 4%). While it is clear that care providers were able to maintain the quality of care they provided, it is also clear that there was by and large no improvement overall. They did, however, warn that Adult social care remains very fragile, even before the pandemic, they said that the failure to find a consensus for a future funding model continues to drive instability in this sector, and they pointed to an urgent need for Parliament and government to make this a priority.

Statistics from 5 years worth of CQC State of Care Reports detailing the variation in Adult Social Care ratings. 3) Some of the figures have been rounded up for calculation purposes and as a result some totals may be over 100%.

While the percentage of care companies rated Good or outstanding has been on the increase since 2015 the presumption is that this is due to the fact the any that have previously been rated either inadequate or poor have either improved or gone out of business. As well as an increase in funding to help companies improve they can also drive efficiencies through the adoption of a more digital approach.

THE impact of Covid-19 on care delivery

As the pandemic gathered pace, health and care staff across all roles and services showed resilience under unprecedented pressures and adapted quickly to work in different ways to keep people safe. Adult social care providers and staff have had to balance the priority of reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission in services with the importance of maintaining a focus on the needs and rights of individuals in their care. Many services have used creative solutions to maintain social contact while still observing physical distancing, using video calling equipment so that the families and friends of people receiving care were stable able to see and speak to their loved ones. There was also mention of a homecare provider has been using tablet computers to record baseline observations of people using its service. Monitoring temperatures and vital signs has helped to identify early signs of infection, enabling them to apply 52 additional social distancing measures and to use consistent care teams to help limit any potential spread of the virus.

How digital solutions and technology can enhance collaboration

In part of section 3 CQC talked about digital solutions and technology, and they looked at initiatives in responding to COVID-19 and the impact they have had in terms of

organisations working together. They felt that some things has allowed oversight, advice, online prescribing, and data-driven decisionmaking around service delivery, and aided information sharing – including individual patient records and shared treatment plans. However, IT systems were sometimes a barrier – not all services had a digital presence, and not all people had online access. There were some concerns about the pace at which systems were implemented and some staff still didn’t feel confident using the new digital systems. Among the main reflections across all of their reviews, there is a call for further

development of a common integrated care record across care areas, with national support, across the system. People say this would enable much better information sharing and collaboration.

The challenges and opportunities ahead

From a challenging point of view, the impact of COVID-19 on adult social care has been severe. Care homes in particular have borne the brunt of a disease that disproportionately affects older people and those with multiple conditions and care needs. Adult social care staff have worked hard to keep people safe, but the sector, already fragile, has faced significant challenges. The final part of the report talked about how the pandemic had caused people to work together, and at pace, and asked that this continues to happen right across the country.

A Care Management Software – Simplifying the Management of Care

At Fastroi, we believe that Health and Social Care companies deserve the latest digital tools to help them deliver a higher quality of care with greater accountability. Our fully integrated system allows management a better overview of the operations of their business, while allowing their employees to be more focused on care work. 

Real-Time Care™ is one of the most comprehensive tools available to Care organisations, allowing them to develop a more efficient, higher quality service by using a single integrated platform. RTC™ can bring about process improvements that result in better CQC ratings.


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  3. Reference: 2020, 2018/19: P34, 2017: P55,2016: P19

Fastroi joins Independent Care Group

“We are delighted to and we hope that we can share some of our experience from developing care management software in Finland over the last 17 years”, says Mike Richards, UK Sales Manager of Fastroi. 

“As well as being part of groups who support social care nationally in the UK we feel it is also important to see what is going on at a grassroots level so we are able to adapt and improve what we provide and by joining the ICG it gives us a fantastic opportunity to do this. Both the group as a whole, and their chair Mike Padgham, have been hugely influential in highlighting the cause of the social care industry and by joining it helps us to align our core values with what is happening across the country”. 

Fastroi Ltd are an innovative Care Management Software provider

Fastroi Ltd are an innovative Care Management Software provider specialising in real-time data collection solutions for managers and care workers. At Fastroi, we believe that Health and Social Care companies deserve the latest digital tools to help them deliver a higher quality of care with greater accountability. Our fully integrated system allows management a better overview of the operations of their business, while allowing their employees to be more focused on care work.

Fastroi has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems in place, which guarantees the economic efficiency of our operations. The company has practiced good risk management and environmentally friendly operations for many years. Fastroi Oy is also ISO 27001: 2013 certified, which shows that Fastroi Oy complies with the international standard for information security. Users of our products around the world can be confident that their information will be processed and stored securely. Security and privacy have always been important in both our operations and the design of our products.

Independent Care Group

ICG is a membership organisation for care providers in York and North Yorkshire. Their members include care homes for older people, homecare agencies, care homes for specialist clients, services and supported living for Learning Disability organisations, and extra care housing. They are committed to helping members to give the best possible care to their clients. 

They work alongside the statutory authorities on an on-going basis, including North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council, all the Clinical Commissioning Groups in North Yorkshire and the Care Quality Commission. They act as a professional conduit, passing on concerns of providers and the solution on issues such as fee rates, contracts, terms and assistance through learning. They ensure care providers have input into quality standards and assessments so that they are clear and achievable.

You can read more about the ICG Group on their website.


Fastroi Ltd are an innovative Care Management Software provider specialising in real-time data collection solutions for managers and care workers. Their products can enhance work by reducing the time needed for routine tasks allowing more time to be spent on more important ones. The company’s products represent the cutting edge in health and social Care Management Software. They have been developed using the staff’s extensive experience in open-source wireless technology. Founded in 2003, the Finnish company has offices in Joensuu, Tampere, Vantaa and Skelmersdale (UK). . For further information, please visit our website at www.fastroi.com

We have renewed our website

You can find our new website at www.fastroi.com. We have made a special effort to make product information more accessible. On our website, we also tell you extensively about the useful features of our Real-Time Care software, e.g. on our product and blog pages.

Our email addresses are changing

In connection with the website change, we have updated our e-mail addresses and they will be in the format firstname.lastname@fastroi.com. You can find our contact information conveniently here. However, any messages sent to the old @ fastroi.fi address will still be forwarded for the time being, so there will be no communication issues.

Our partners – Fabrik and AtFlow

The layout of the site was designed by a local advertising agency called Fabrik and the technical implementation by a local company called AtFlow. We started the project at the beginning of the year and the pages were completed on schedule. A big thank you to our partners for their excellent cooperation!

Customer experiences of using our software

We also aimed at better presenting our customers’ user experiences of our software on the website. I have had the pleasure of interviewing several of our customers remotely during the early part of the year and into Spring. I was pleased to have all feedback and development ideas about our products, as well as learning what our customers ’daily lives are like during this exceptional time. A warm thank you to our customers for their cooperation during the Spring!

Development ideas and feedback

If you have any feedback on our website, please email markkinointi@fastroi.com. We welcome all feedback and suggestions for improvement!

Welcome to our company, products and customers on our new website.

We hope you have an enjoyable and sunny summer and a big thank you to everyone involved in our website project!

fusion fastroi and necora

Fastroi and Necora to merge

Effective 29 December 2017, the Finnish information system provider Fastroi Ltd and its subsidiary Necora will merge into a single company. The operations of the two companies will continue under the name Fastroi Ltd, while Necora Systems Ltd will cease operations as a business entity. “This merger is a natural continuation of our 2015 acquisition of Necora’s entire capital stock,” says Risto Jalovaara, chief executive officer of the Joensuu-based company.

As a result of the merger, Necora’s primary product, the Nappula customer relationship management system, will become part of the Fastroi’s product family. “We will continue to actively develop both the Nappula and the Fastroi Real-Time Care™ system.” According to Jalovaara, the most significant change is that the company’s teams will work in closer cooperation than before, allowing the company to improve the services it provides to customers even further. Fastroi is the leading information system provider in the Finnish social welfare sector.

Combining the financial, HR and marketing processes of the two companies will provide new efficiencies for Fastroi. “The synergy and efficiency benefits resulting from this merger will support Fastroi’s operations in the Finnish market and create new opportunities for international expansion,” Jalovaara says.

There will be no personnel changes resulting from the merger. The current employment contracts of Necora employees will be transferred to Fastroi. Furthermore, the merger will have no effect on Necora’s other contracts or agreements, as they will also be transferred to Fastroi Ltd without any changes to their terms. Currently, the company has more than 50 software professionals in its employment. Effective from the merger date, Jussi Ahtiainen has been appointed as the company’s chief financial officer. In addition to his other duties, Ahtiainen will be responsible for the company’s Nappula business. Fastroi’s turnover forecast for the year 2017 is more than four million euros after the merger.

Nappula is a versatile customer relationship management system widely used by child protection professionals and social welfare service providers in Finland. Fastroi Real-Time Care™ is the market leader of enterprise resource planning systems used in the Finnish nursing and care sector.

Further information:

Risto Jalovaara
Chief Executive Officer, Fastroi Ltd
+358 50 603 57, risto.jalovaara@fastroi.com

Jussi Ahtiainen
Chief Financial Officer, Fastroi Ltd
+358 40 724 3890, jussi.ahtiainen@fastroi.com

Fastroi Ltd
Fastroi Ltd is an innovative information system provider specialising in wireless data collection solutions that support nursing and housing service enterprise resource planning. The company’s products represent the cutting edge in social welfare ERP systems and are based on the staff’s extensive experience in open-source wireless technology and location data utilisation. Founded in 2003, the Finnish company has offices in Joensuu, Tampere and Vantaa. For further information, please visit our website at www.fastroi.com