Caring Together = Developing Together

”Hey, we have made a great technical innovation! Now we need to find clients who could benefit from our products…” This is the way many tech companies start their journey. There is nothing wrong with this approach, it just takes more time to achieve a true product to market fit.

At Fastroi, we have made our journey upstream. Our CEO, the Founder of the company, Risto Jalovaara got the idea of developing an IT system to help coordinate home care for elderly adults living in the community while being the only carer of his disabled mother. Since then Fastroi has been hiring not only tech experts but also people with versatile backgrounds from social and health care. Many of us in Fastroi (including yours truly) have experience of being a carer for their elderly relatives. That being said, we can really claim to know the pain points of care work from different perspectives: service provider, care worker, customer and next of kin.

Listening -> Analysing -> Providing Solutions

Fastroi exists to provide solutions that simplify the managing, planning and monitoring of care work. Since we have always worked to solve tangible problems and come up with solutions for them, we have been privileged to work in collaboration with our clients. 

At the beginning of each deployment project we run remote workshops called ”Feasibility Analysis” to get to know the new client´s as-is and to-be processes, work flows, roles, gaps and requirements. We analyse the information collected and try to come up with the best possible and affordable solution with the help of our system. Sometimes there might even be an option for client specific customization to make the fit even better, but this is rarely a case under the current economical stress social care is facing everywhere. After the roll-out we run post-project workshops to see how the users are doing and collect their insight for the future improvements. When in production, we collect client suggested improvements from service tickets and training sessions.

The First RTC User Community Event in June

It has been wonderful for us to learn that our UK clients are also committed to collaborating and developing the solution to better respond to changing internal or external requirements. In 2022 we’ll be setting up The RTC User Community in the UK, to promote communication and partnership working, not only between Fastroi and our clients but also between the clients themselves. The first RTC User Community Event will be held in Birmingham on the 16th of June.

Getting back to fulfilling client needs, one lesson learned during my career in product management is that it is the service provider’s responsibility to understand a client’s needs deep enough to be able to provide the most optimal solutions for their problems. One of my clients once put it well: ”Don´t give what I ask for. Give me what I need.” This is how the most important Fastroi value shows in the Product Management – Caring together is Developing together.

Yours Truly,