Digital Transformation of Social and Health Care is Already Happening in Finland

Read more how the Finnish Kanta System is Leading the Way.

Digital Transformation of Social and Health Care is Already Happening in Finland

I am lucky. I can’t remember the last time I went to the doctors, let alone the reason I needed to go. I try to keep fit, eat relatively healthy, don’t drink to excess and don’t smoke. I do have to take the kids to the doctors on occasion but for a long time I have not needed to see a doctor for myself.

So when we were recently discussing the integration of Real-Time Care™ into the Finnish Kanta system, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to take a look at what it does and why integrating with it is so important for Fastroi.

Digital Transformation in Progress

Kanta is a nationwide system that gives every citizen or resident of Finland the chance to access their medical records, manage their medication and prescriptions and share their requests for treatment and organ donation. The idea is to create a portal that securely connects the health service across all regions, municipalities and private care providers. There will also be a feature that allows you to upload any health or wellbeing data from smartphone apps.

Logging in to the system for the first time was simple and most importantly, very familiar. In Finland most banking activities can now be done online. To do this, there is a very secure authentication system that allows us to do this called Tupas. What makes the Tupas banking system so smart is that you can use your banking login system to log into many other official services in Finland. These include the tax office, insurance companies, other commercial systems and of course, Kanta. This universal familiarity develops trust in all of the systems that use it. When you go to the Kanta page, you are directed to your bank login service which requires a user number and a pin  to login. The pin number can be authenticated using a seperate app on your smartphone or through a disposable pin system where numbers are crossed off a card as they are used. Once the account is authenticated, you are taken to your personal Kanta pages.

When was your last Tetanus jab?

As I looked through the various pages for the first time, I saw my own rather sparse medical history. I was reminded that almost 2 years ago I visited the doctors to receive treatment for a dog bite. I was able to read the report from the visit to the doctors and found the tetanus jab and antibiotics they gave me. (Who remembers when they had their last tetanus jab?) There was the prescription with all all of the instructions, dosage, the pharmacy I went to and even the price of the medicine. If I had needed to have a repeat prescription, I would have been able to order it online as well.

I can also see my children’s pages as well, and there are even sections for a living will, organ donation (duly updated!) and a section that gives consent and authorisation to use the information.

High Quality Integrations are Key to Kanta’s Potential

While I am not a heavy user of the medical system, it is clear that having access to this kind of system will have massive benefits for everyone who uses the service. Fastroi are now working to be able to integrate their Real-Time Care™ system into the Kanta system so that both systems can take advantage of a truly connected service that empowers everyone with access to their own data. As more services integrate into it, then it will only become better.

For us at Fastroi, being able to connect to Kanta is a huge priority, not just because in the future it will be mandatory for the Finnish health and social care sectors, but also because it brings us a step closer to having services that are focussed on the patients and service users. Call it ‘patient centric’ or ‘joined up care’ if you will, this is the real result of a clear vision to have a truly digital health and social care system in Finland. The project will take multiple years of development for Fastroi with the first phases being delivered this year. We also believe that it will benefit not only our customers – the service providers, but also their customers and their families.

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