Fastroi hosts first UK customer day

After many years of hosting annual events for our Finnish customers we were delighted to be able to hold our first UK event which featured participants from the councils of Leeds, North Yorkshire, Surrey and Leicestershire.

The main theme linking all of these local authorities is that they all provide Reablement services and these are supported to do this using Fastroi’s Real Time Care ™ (RTC) care management software.

The full day event was held on 16th June at the Clayton hotel in Birmingham and as well as the customers attending there were 4 members of the Fastroi team (including 3 from Finland) who were also there. It was fantastic to see people in person and meet some of them face to face for the first time after spending months in online meetings with them. 

Topics of the RTC User Day

After initial introductions from everyone, the first talk of the day was from the company Sales director, Mika Sipilä, who gave an overview of Fastroi as a company and then also went through the recent acquisition of the company by myneva Group GmbH and what their vision for the future is. 

After introductions the next topic was around how the different councils approach some of their processes. The first one they discussed was how they receive and process referrals right up to the point of someone’s package of care taking place. Not only were  the parts of the process that includes using RTC talked about but also good practice around other some of the non software steps were shared. Other topics covered were how information is shared to and from the RTC mobile application and also what would be considered as the best way to have a 2 way integration with a separate client system. 

Demonstrations of the features, discussions and networking

These discussions continued into the morning break, email addresses and other contact information was shared with a view to further meetings taking place in future to continue the sharing of ideas. After the break there was a demonstration of some of the new features that have recently been added into RTC which includes things like the ability to take and store photographs using the mobile application and the ability to attach files on the desktop version and for some of them to be pushed out to frontline workers. After seeing these features, there were then conversations across all the councils about how they could incorporate these features into their services to help make improvements and efficiencies to some of their processes. 

This brought us up to lunch and during the break it was really positive to see the conversations around software and processes continue. After lunch there was a workshop about future system improvements and this gave all the participants a chance to have input on how they would want things to look like and work and what features there would be. Throughout the day there was also an opportunity for everyone attending to vote on what things they would like to see as future developments of RTC and towards the end of the day the results of this vote were announced. There was also a discussion about how future meetings could be held, some potentially online, and also the potential introduction of an online platform for use as a forum to continue the sharing of ideas.

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