Fastroi’s year review 2019

2019 began with Fastroi changing the implementation technology of our new Real-Time care software platform as well as some personnel working on product development. I thought that maybe I would spend a few sleepless nights with these things, the changes caused some congestion in our product development during the first half of the year, but we have been systematically trying to line up our version updates during the rest of the year.

Fastroi’s year review 2019

The first quarter also brought a happy surprise, as we won our first public sector tender in the UK. The City of Leeds competed for a work design and management solution for home care services, which will go live in 2020.

At about the same time, our first UK employee, our Sales Manager Mike Richards joined the team. With his family business experience, Mike strengthens our expertise in the social and health care industry in the UK. Mike has represented us at the social care events this past year and has done sales work with potential clients.

ISO 27001 security certification and service development

During the second quarter, we were in the final stages of ISO 27001 security and privacy issues. Our system and service offering was tested by both DNV and a UK based security testing company with an NHS approved testing certificate. We were well prepared for both audits, as all our employees had done their homework very well and the results were very positive. Of course, there is always something that can be improved upon, but that is something that works in our spirit of continuous improvement.

At the beginning of the third quarter, we underwent organizational changes aimed at improving and streamlining the provision of continuous services (helpdesk, training, integrations and operating services). In addition, we strengthened the development of our new product platform, both in-house and subcontracted employees. At this stage, most of the additional work resulting from the technological change at the beginning of the year had already been completed and normal development work was finished.

Customer satisfaction surveys and open feedback

In the early autumn, we also conducted an annual customer satisfaction survey for our products to our Finnish customers. A special thank you to all those who responded to the customer satisfaction survey! This year our Nappula software recorded the best performance in our company’s history, 96.4% of people would recommend Nappula to their colleagues. For RTC software, the corresponding result was 81.5%. Thank you for your very valuable open written feedback. In our opinion, some of the most important ones were immediately put to work, for example improving the usability of the RTC mobile application and the Nappula calendar module. There will be a webinar on the basic use of Nappula at the beginning of the year. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases over the next year so you can keep up to date with what’s new with the software.

Fastroi customer satisfaction survey 2020

Joensuu Entrepreneur of the Year Award

During the last quarter, this year saw another welcome surprise. Fastroi was chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in Joensuu. This is recognition from other entrepreneurs and we therefore value it highly as a company. Congratulations and thank you for all the memories!

Thanks for 2019 and success for the next year

We now have 65 Fastroi employees across four locations from the beginning of  2020. Our growth has continued in 2019, both in terms of headcount and revenue, and the financial statements will show the results for the financial year have developed over time.

Investments in the new product platform have been very significant in recent years and also in the upcoming years. However, they are an investment in a common future with our customers. We are in the process of creating a new product platform that should be able to serve our customers for at least 15 to 20 years from the time of implementation. That is why in early 2019, we decided to take another step forward in technical terms once again, even though it will affect product completion schedules.

In the coming year, we will strive to do our best to keep the development going forward in both the Nappula and Real-Time Care systems, both in terms of customer requests, usability and legal requirements. Stock archive subscriptions were introduced for health care already in 2019, and social stock archive subscriptions are expected to be available in the autumn of 2020, provided that the schedules provided by the authorities are accurate.

I would like to thank our customers, partners and especially our staff for the fact that we are still in existence after 16 years of operation, and we continue to work constructively and progressively with the Finnish social and health care information system and operating processes.

This year we have donated money for Christmas remembrance to € 2000 Mieli Mental Health Finland.

Finally, I wish you all a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas time with your loved ones and a successful New Year 2020!

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