Lean Thinking Within the Care Sector

Have you ever wondered why some care companies receive great ratings from the CQC while others struggle? Is it because they somehow care more? Do they have more money or better tools? Are some companies just better when it comes to inspections? Are inspections even a good way to measure how well a care company runs?

Lean Thinking Within the Care Sector

Obviously if the company are still using pen and paper to manage their daily activities, then, they may be finding themselves at a disadvantage when compared to companies who have made the transition to digital tools such as Care Management Software, but it isn’t that simple.

Fine Tuning All Processes

As Fastroi have developed our Care Management Software over the last 15 years, we have realised that the process of running a care company is actually made up of two very different processes that exist together. The first is the care process which covers how you go about administering the care to people. This includes the things that need to be done, to whom, by whom, at what time and to what standard. These are vitally important to ensuring that the care people receive is of the highest quality, but this does not reflect the whole picture of what is happening within a care company.

After the 2nd World War, the Japanese car industry developed new techniques and tools to improve the quality of their processes. Many of these techniques became known as ‘Lean Thinking’ and can be found in businesses the world over. The ideas are quite simple, but the application requires a huge commitment from the whole organisation to continuous improvement.

Our latest White Paper takes a more in depth look at how some simple Lean ideas can be implemented within any care organisation with incredible results. Combining these ideas with Care Management Software such as Fastroi’s Real-Time Care™ will have the effect of breaking the false connection between inspections and quality care. We will look at some examples where a quality mindset has brought about some amazing results from delivering lunches to office workers in Mumbai to finding out how UPS saved a fortune on fuel and time by applying a simple rule when drivers are out on deliveries.

Build Quality into Everything You Do

Simply put, your business won’t need to worry about another CQC inspection as your quality levels will become focussed on constantly improving the way things are done by paying attention to every aspect of the process and not just ticking boxes and hoping for the best when the inspectors come.

We believe that Real-Time Care™ provides the tools that will allow the home care of the elderly to go beyond Outstanding.

Click Here to Download the White Paper: https://fastroi.com/en/lean-thinking-within-the-care-sector