The CQC State of Care Report. 2017/18

Last Autumn saw the release of the Care Quality Commission’s annual report on the state of care in England. We at Fastroi have spent a lot of time over the last year studying previous reports as well as the CQC data, in order to gain an insight into the UK market. Understanding the market was the first step on our journey to bring our Care Management System to a new audience. We will cover our findings in two blog posts which we hope will make interesting reading.

The State of Care Report 2019

The Data Tells a Story

Through our analysis of the open data on the CQC website, we were able to learn a great deal about the issues that residential and domiciliary care companies are facing. We published the results of our analysis in a White Paper back in the Spring. The latest report from the CQC gives us a chance to look for any significant information that will help us understand whether we are supplying a product that meets the needs of customers in the UK.

We have focussed mainly on the Adult Social Care section but it is interesting to compare some of the higher level figures with the other sectors in the report. For example, there is a significant variation in the overall ratings across the sectors. Having a 30% variation across sectors ought to be setting alarm bells off across the industry.

96% of GP surgeries are rated as good or outstanding!
82% for Adult Social Care
78% for Mental Health
66% for NHS Acute care

Source: CQC State of Health Care and Adult Social Care in England Report 2017/2018. P29 Fig. 1.5.
State of Care 2017/18: Full report PDF | 3.73 MB

From this statistic alone, parity of care is clearly still a long way off.

How Does Technology Help CQC Performance?

Some other interesting things to note from the report. There is a huge amount being written about how technology can best be used to improve outcomes in both health and social care. The report only has a short paragraph which covers less than half a page on technology. One area that would be very interesting would be to understand the relationship between CQC performance and adoption of technology. This correlation is of particular interest to us at Fastroi and we will be looking into this in more depth the next blog.

The state of the adult social care system makes for interesting reading. The CQC inspected some 22,000 adult social care services which gives the industry a huge amount of actionable data. One of the more sobering statistics has seen the rate of emergency admissions for older people rising by 24-37% across the age groups. Clearly more work is needed to ensure that people are discharged from hospital as quickly as possible and can find the right care package as quickly as possible. One other aspect would be to understand the reasons for this increase and what could be done to reduce this.

The overall message from the report is one of maintaining the current situation. But with many services stretched to the limit, it is clear that improvements will be difficult to achieve. In our next blog, we will look at the causes and solutions to the problem of care companies who achieve high ratings one year, only to see them fall in subsequent years.

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