The Fastroi team have started their journey around the world

So far we have managed to bike together for more than 5000km in one month during the lead up to Spring. As we come out of winter we felt like we wanted to increase our fitness level and this year we have decided to really go for it!

The Fastroi team will travel ambitiously around the world, throughout the year, from 1.2.2020 to 31.1.2021. Our goal is to move our employees for more than 41,000 km in total, running, walking, biking, rowing, swimming, skating, skiing – all forms of exercise for whatever kilometers they can achieve.

This means that Fastroi employees should move together 3333km in a month.

Climate action and prosperity go hand in hand

At the same time, as we move around in something other than a car, we can also take part in action against climate change, as well as improving our fitness and work well-being.

At the end of our trip, there is still another carrot being dangled in front of us- Fastroi will donate €500 to charity if we reach our annual target. The amount will be chosen by the employees and donated to a charity organisation, which is doing significant climate change work.

Fastroi ulkoilutapahtuma

We care and learn new things

Our journey around the world is also based on our values. We care about our environment, we care about each other, and we try to  learn new things.

As part of this challenge, we will tour the world and present in our blog a number of places we would like to visit such as Manchester, Hawaii and Chicago. We will also have a tour of the places some of our employees come from and get local info and tips on interesting places and cultures.

Come join us and follow our blog during 2020!

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