The Fastroi team traveled around the world throughout the year

The Fastroi team traveled around the world throughout last year and moved a total of 48,687 km during 2020 and the first part of 2021! This means we exceeded our target by 7515 kilometers!

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Our team traveled ambitiously around the world during the year , from 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2021. Our goal was to get our employees to move for a total of 41,172 miles, by running, walking, biking, rowing, swimming, skating, skiing – or any other form of exercise, whatever they could do to clock up the miles which means we had to move at least 3333 km a month.

Many of us have missed commuting over the past year as we have mostly moved to remote working in early March 2020. On the other hand, working remotely has increased our free time and thus it has meant many of us have done more sport in their free time, some more than normal, especially hiking or walking in the countryside have seen a big increase.

Donation to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s climate work

When traveling around the world, in addition to increasing exercise, we also aimed to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, we had agreed to donate € 500 to a charity that will do significant climate change related work if we met or exceeded our annual target.

We voted between three different organizations and our team unanimously (78.6% of the votes) chose the climate work of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. We donated the amount to them and more information about their climate work can be found here.

2021 exercise challenge and virtual events

For this year, our leisure committee, Virkkari, came up with a new exercise challenge. Our goal is to try at least 21 different sports for every employee. Hopefully we will also get a chance to start doing indoor sports more during the year, so the spectrum of the different sports we can need to do will be easier to achieve! 

Our Virkkari team will organise events for our staff every month, although most of the events are currently being held virtually. One example of this is that we have a regular lunch yoga session every Thursday. We have also had a virtual theater performance and our Tampere team was the first to participate virtually in a cooking night under the guidance of a professional chef. We also plan to do some Fatbike testing in small groups for the winter and a virtual game night in the Spring. Community is important to us and trying to use our creativity to come together, even virtually at the moment, is very important to us!

We hope you all have a great and active Spring!