Year 2022 – Fastronauts move to new ownership

The year 2022 brought a big change to Fastroi’s internationalization. Fastroi’s shareholders decided to sell their holdings to the German Myneva Group GmBH, financed by Summa Equity, in March.

The new ownership guarantees that Fastroi’s know-how will also become part of the development of the Central European social sector in the DACH region. In the same context, the former owners decided to continue as the owners of Myneva Group in the future.

How to sum up the events of the past year appropriately, when interesting and positive things have happened throughout the year. At the same time, negative news has been heard from the world throughout the past year: Corona is still punishing, war has come closer to us, and inflation and increased energy prices are in the news almost every day.

How does the new ownership affect Fastroi and our customers?

The change of ownership took place at the end of March. This brought us sister companies and new colleagues from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. At the same time, new experts joined the development of our new international Real-Time Care™ (RTC) software, and the common goal is to develop our products to also serve customers operating in the aforementioned markets. 

The current information systems we use will gradually change within the Group’s solutions, and other operating processes will also be unified with the other companies of the entire group. This requires the personnel to adapt to many changes, and probably this has partly brought with it a higher than normal turnover at Fastroi. However, someone wiser has probably stated that change is a possibility and I always want to strongly believe that. In the direction of customers, this will be seen in the future as even greater product development investments than before, and through that also hopefully in better quality of products and services than before.

Towards the time of new Finnish Wellbeing Services Counties

During the past year, we also participated in a tender organized by Kuntien Tiera for the delivery of a customer information and operational management system, whose customers will be in  the new Wellbeing Services Counties in the future. It ended with a positive outcome for us, and during the fall we have been developing product and service concepts in cooperation with Tiera and the first Wellbeing Services Counties. We are currently preparing for the first deployments, which will take place at the turn of 2022-2023. It has been interesting to follow quite closely and also to hear in practice what kind of job this is in terms of the Wellbeing Services Counties’ own operations, only in terms of IT and not to mention the organization of operational activities. Certainly, all parties are trying to do their best, but it may be that the “new world” is not totally ready in all respects when it starts operational activities.

British customers took RTC for the production use

We organized the first customer days in Birmingham in the summer. During the event, the purpose was to meet our customers, help them network with each other, present developed and under-development functionalities, and receive feedback on them. The positive thing about this event was that experts from all four clients (Leeds, Surrey, North Yorkshire and Leicestershire) were present. The discussion and interaction was active and for that a big thank you to those who participated in the event. RTC’s product development has since progressed to the stage where all UK customers have been put into production use during Autumn.

Finnish Customer Days in Tampere and online

In November, our yearly customer days were organized in Tampere and could also be accessed remotely online. It was the first time that all three events (Hilkka and Nappula training days and Fastroin& Kuntien Tiera’s mobile home care day) were organized at the same time during one day as so-called hybrid events. There were over 200 participants from different parts of Finland in the event and the arrangements were successful. A big thank you to our customers who participated in the event, our partners (Kuntien Tiera, Vivago, Tunstall and Procomp), the representatives of the myneva Group (Michael and Horst) and our external experts, who enriched our day with their own presentations. The coming year 2023 will be one to celebrate due to Fastroi’s 20-year anniversary, and hopefully next year we will set a new record in the number of participants in the customer days!

Customer satisfaction still at a high level

As a result of the customer satisfaction survey, we learned that our software is satisfied (12/2022, a total of 319 respondents to the Hilkka survey and 838 respondents to the Nappula survey). The 92.4 percent of Hilkka users are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with Hilkka, satisfaction has increased slightly from the previous year (91.1% in 2021). The 96.3 percent of Nappula users are very or fairly satisfied (97.6% in 2021) with the software. We will tell you more detailed results in the coming blog posts! 

I would like to thank all customers and our staff for the constructive feedback and for their cooperation and effective dialogue during 2022, without them we could not achieve these results!

In addition to the Christmas gift, all Fastronauts received one extra paid day off as a Christmas gift, like all employees of the myneva group.

We support Save the Children during Christmas 2022. Save the Children uses the donation to prevent social exclusion and helps poor families in Finland. 

Finally, I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and success for the New Year!

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