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Our customers give the best recommendations for our products. Read our customer stories and find out how our products can help you. Our software is used in residential and domiciliary care. 

In 2019, Real-Time Care™ from Fastroi had over 35,000 end users and was being used in over 1,000 private and public sector sites throughout Finland.

Fastroi real-time care

Our software supports domiciliary and residential care

Our software, Real-Time Care™, has been specifically developed in close cooperation with our client’s for the residential and domiciliary care sectors. The power of Real-Time Care™ comes from digitally automating the processes that support the care and instantly recording the results in a central location. This automation allows a wide range of tasks to be performed, each making the care process easier and more efficient.

RTC helps the Care Workers in their daily work

The reason that our customers give us such good feedback is that RTC™ really does help care workers do their jobs better. Not only do they have more time to spend doing care work, but they have less paperwork to do as a result of the improved reporting tools. That is why their feedback is so important to us as it tells us if we are on the right track or not. RTC™ has evolved as a direct result of customer feedback and will continue to do so.

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Real-time Care

Care Management Software for the Residential and Domiciliary care
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