Fastroi Real-Time Care™ was the answer to Aspa Palvelut Oy’s varied needs

Aspa Services Ltd started using the Fastroi Real-Time Care® enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in 2012.

Aspa Palvelut Oy (=Aspa Services Ltd) started using the Fastroi Real-Time Care® care management system in 2012. Aspa Palvelut wanted to find a customer relationship management software which would allow the real-time, distributed and secure management of customer information and service activities.

“We also had to be able to integrate the system with accounting and invoicing. We also needed it to produce the necessary reports on our service activities”, says Sirpa Wallendahl, Development Manager of Aspa Palvelut.

When comparing the software options and their features, we found that the Fastroi Real-Time Care® system was the most suitable one for the needs of services provided at home. Fastroi Real-Time Care™ also offered features for more extensive enterprise resource planning which we had not even considered in the initial phases. Aspa Palvelut has since expanded the use of Fastroi Real-Time Care™ system.

“We have a customised invoicing system, mobile Fastroi Real-Time Care™ for home care and the work shift planning feature. We are currently working on interfaces to our HR and customer call systems, for example. We nowadays use the enterprise resource planning system for the coordination of customer visits and the monitoring of well-being of our clients. The system also allows us to record customer visits in real time, and the customer can participate in the making of entries,” says Wallendahl.

According to Wallendahl, collaboration with Fastroi has been natural. Development wishes and needs have been taken into consideration, and the company has received prompt and thorough service in case of problems. It is therefore easy for Wallendahl to recommend Fastroi Real-Time Care™ to others as well.

“The system is easy to use, and it offers service products which allow a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system.”

Sirpa Wallendahl, Aspa Palvelut Oy.

Aspa palvelut Oy

  • Company owned by the Aspa Säätiö (Foundation)
  • Approximately 41 Aspa homes in Finland
  • Number of employees approximately 400
  • Approximately 1,700 customers
  • Housing services promoting an independent life for those who need support and help
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