Real-Time Care™ – A modern Domiciliary Care Software

Real-Time Care™ is a modern Domiciliary Care Software including a mobile  tool for use in domiciliary care services. RTC™ has been especially developed for the domiciliary care sector, making it easy to manage scheduling, rostering, tasks, reporting and alerts.

Real-Time Care™ – A modern Domiciliary Care Software

Living at home is an important factor in maintaining the quality of life for many people and domiciliary care services support customers needing care at home. RTC™Domiciliary Care Software allows real-time sharing  of care information, increasing customer and patient safety.  RTC™ can also improve quality and efficiency of care in home care. Thanks to its versatile and customisable features, our software adapts to our Clients´ needs. Clients  have experienced significant increases in savings and efficiencies up to 25–30 % in their daily operations. This allows them to focus more time and energy on improving the quality of their care work. 

Real-Time Care™ Supports the Management of Domiciliary Care

Real-Time Care™ Supports the Management of Domiciliary Care. RTC™ makes the life of  domiciliary care managers easier by providing the whole organisation with a single tool to manage all operations.

  • Update work shifts in real time
  • Manage work time and absence
  • Appointment Planning and Capacity Checking
  • Match the optimal Care worker to the Customer 
  • Secure Customer and Employee Information Management  
  • Create and customise alerts and notifications

One of the CQC inspection criteria is the leadership of organisations. Domiciliary Care Software provides management teams with the best tools for their work allowing them greater insight into their operations and employees.

Leading care operations, but it doesn’t need to be too difficult any more.

RTC™ Allows Employees to Focus on Delivering the Best Level of Care to Their Customers

RTC™ Allows employees to focus on delivering the best level of care to their Customers. Domiciliary Care Software changes the way that care workers do their job, supporting  them in their daily work. Having the right tools available to them makes it easier to focus on giving the best care possible.

  • Customer related information and Appointment Plans in the mobile device allow the most current information to be instantly available in the field.
  • Making notes and observations directly from mobile devices makes recording information easier and saves time.
  • Digitalised tasks are less prone to human errors 
  • Route planning improves general efficiency

RTC™ can help to increase job satisfaction of the care workers by reducing  time consuming tasks,  such as the manual recording of information. A Digital and transparent process of managing Customer related records and information supports all parties in the event of a disagreement or a complaint.

Working in the care profession may be tough, but it doesn’t need to be too difficult any more.


Real-Time Care

A Care Management System for the Residential and Domiciliary care
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