Fastroi to Attend Birmingham Care Expo 2021

Expo Theme and Fastroi at expo

It is great to be returning to Birmingham and finally meet people face-to-face! You can review our expo pages here.  This year’s theme in the Expo is to “Expand, evolve and innovate”. The Expo is dedicated to inspiring business growth & a sustainable social care model. The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo showcases the technology, products and content that will not only enable care homes to implement high-quality, person-centred care models, but also inspire business growth as a result.

We are delighted to announce that we have two speaking slots this year. 

Seminars Topic 

The seminars will be given by Jim Ward, Fastroi’s UK Head. His presentation will be “The Digital Transformation of the Care Industry.” Jim will discuss how the digital transformation of the social and health care industry has been developing in Finland and what similarities it has to the UK. Fastroi has years of experience in integrating their care management systems into the Finnish national patient register systems so that both systems can take advantage of a truly connected service with employees having access to the needed data. Jim will also present how a care management system can make improvements in care work.

Sessions’ time schedule:

  • 15th September at 14:45 – 15:15 in the Care Development Theatre.
  • 16th September at 15:30 – 16:00 in the Technology enabled Care Theatre.

In preparation for this event, we have created one white paper to accompany the seminar. Our White Paper is available for download here or you can find a paper copy at the Fastroi stand (B122).

Meet our team at the stand B122

This Expo is a fantastic time to come and meet with us in Birmingham and find out how we can help you transform your care business. We can provide solutions to the problems faced by large and small organisations alike. So just drop by the stand for a chat, watch the presentations or even book a one on one meeting with us ahead of the event.

Let’s start our journey together in Birmingham!

Fastroi at expo

Fastroi to Attend Birmingham Care Expo – Expo is rescheluled until November

It is great to be returning to Birmingham and we are delighted to announce that we have two speaking slots this year. Please note that the expo organizer has informed recently that the show is rescheduled until 9th and 10th of November 2020. 

Seminar Topics

In preparation for this event, we have created two white papers to accompany the seminars. You can download both of them or pick up a paper copy from our stand.

The first presentation will be given by Jim Ward, Fastroi’s UK Head. His presentation will be “Improving the Quality of Social Care Through Technology and Lean Thinking.” The term “Quality of Care” often fails to address underlying poor processes that prevent care staff from providing high quality care. In this seminar, Jim will explore the difference between Quality of Care and the underlying Quality of the processes that often sit, unnoticed beneath them. He will examine how using the concept of Lean Thinking can be combined with an electronic care management system to bring about sustainable improvements in the way care is provided.

Our second speaker will be Mike Richards. Mike is the UK Sales Manager for Fastroi and he will be speaking about how Care Management Software can solve many of the problems associated with the Care industry. To do this, Mike will use stories to illustrate different aspects and scenarios where technology can make better use of resources which ultimately leads to a higher standard of care.

Both of the White Papers for each seminar are available for download here or you can find a paper copy at the the Fastroi stand (H1102).


2020 promises to be another amazing year for Fastroi, as we will be delivering our first major installation to the UK and continuing to grow our operation. This is a fantastic time to come and meet with us in Birmingham and find out how we can help you transform your care business. We can provide solutions to the problems faced by large and small organisations alike. So just drop by the stand for a chat, watch the presentations or even book a one on one meeting with us ahead of the event.

Let’s start our journey together in Birmingham!

Fastroi - Tiera Customer days 2019

Fastroi’s yearly Customer Training Days in Finland

The main difference seemed to be that the general attitude towards social care in Finland is a lot more positive than in the UK. The people who work within the sector are held in a lot higher regard and one of the biggest areas this is reflected in, is the amount they are paid to do the job, as well as the role being seen in a similar light to nursing. The main similarities were that in both countries the people who work in social care are deeply committed to their jobs and the people they support, and also to making a positive difference in their lives. The other thing I noticed,  was that by making digital improvements within the way they work, it has a big impact on improving how you deliver a service and the outcomes of the people receiving it.

We do it Together

The Fastroi and Tiera training and yearly customer days were held at Tampere House on 4-5 September this year. Across both training days, there was a total of over 220 participants. The theme was “We do it Together” and we took this theme into account throughout the whole program. We organized the event in cooperation with our biggest customer, the Kuntien Tiera team. During the days, numerous workshops were held on the different features of the RTC and Nappula systems, interesting discussions were held between different actors in the social care field and some networking also took place. The evening program featured pampering and crafts followed by a dinner and live music.

Our partners join the event too

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ can be connected to dozens of systems through its interfaces. In addition, our partners,Kuntien Tiera, Atostek, Causalus, Parasta Palvelua, Raisoft, Tunstall, Visma Solutions/Netvisor and Vivago , presented and explained how their software can be utilized by our RTC system customers.

Feedback from the training days

We asked our customers for feedback during the event.  They told us that training in small groups was very useful based on how they work within their own organisations. Our customers also appreciated listening to others’ experiences & practices of using the software and networking with others was also a big part of the training days. In addition, we received suggestions for improving the content of the programs and training for next year’s event.

We also conducted a feedback survey after the event, almost 82.3% were satisfied or very satisfied with all the training days and content (45 respondents). Tiera Mobile Home Care Days and the educational content reached 100% satisfaction (18 respondents). Our clients appreciate and enjoy our annual training days and are were happy to note that we were able to provide the same level of content that they found interesting as the other years we have had the training days. We are working on developing the event so that we can create a whole new kind of program for next year’s training days.

A big thank you to our clients and partners who participated in the training! Hope to see you again next year!

CQC care reports

Comparing the Scottish Care Inspectorate to the CQC in England?

As we head into the new year, we are planning to attend the Digital Health and Social Care 2019 in Edinburgh in February. As a result of this, we decided to take a look at how Scotland deals with their care environment.

Where the CQC operate in England, a body called The Care Inspectorate is responsible for the quality of care North of the border. We have been very impressed with the quality of the CQC reports and the data that it provided. It gave us the opportunity as a software vendor looking to enter the UK market, to gain a significant insight into the issues that many residential and domiciliary care services are facing.

Comparing Apples with Apples

The Care Inspectorate publishes reports from their inspections, however they have recently changed their inspection process. We looked at data from May 2018 (we have assumed this to be the old inspection framework) and data analysed in January 2019, relating to the second quarter of 2018/19 (assumed to be new inspection framework). Care Inspectorate Scotland have indicated that they will start using the new approach in care homes for older people from July 2018.

The old system assessed the quality of services against 4 criteria, with no overall quality assessment score being given. The criteria were: Environment; Staff; Care & Support; Management & Leadership.

There are 6 quality scores, plus a ‘Not Assessed’ option which was frequently used:

The new framework is structured around five key questions with the same score system and again, no overall grading:

  • How well do we support people’s wellbeing?
  • How good is our leadership?
  • How good is our staff team?
  • How good is our setting?
  • How well is our care and support planned?

Even looking at a small data set of 17 care services, we have been able to see that the percentage of ‘Weak’ and ‘Unsatisfactory’ assessments is very low for both residential and domiciliary care services. Something like 3-4%. This corresponds to figures in the CQC data of 20-25% of similar ratings of ‘Inadequate’ or ‘Requires Improvement’.

How Accurate is the Data?

We also see some significant improvements as we move between the old and the new inspection system. One thing we observed,  is that comparisons are difficult to make due to the fact that the assessment criteria in Scotland changed, but it is also quite different to the way the CQC carry out their inspections. One aspect of both the old and new reporting system that makes the data difficult to interpret, is the use of ‘Not Inspected’ in the reports. We saw many reports that didn’t seem to carry out a complete inspection. This was concerning, since many issues are interconnected. For instance, not inspecting ‘Management & Leadership’ will not give a complete picture of how the overall service is run. The lack of a single aggregate score also makes it harder to get a quick view of how well the service is performing.

The Digital Solution Still Makes Sense

The reports also showed an apparent lack of authority on the part of the Care Inspectorate to bring about change within services. Many reports made recommendations which were still being raised as issues, in follow-up reports. It seems that there is little point to having an inspection system, if the inspections are incomplete and any recommendations are not enforced.

The overall feeling from looking at the reports, is that the inspection system in Scotland is not as demanding as the CQC in England. The percentage of services that are Weak or Unsatisfactory is much lower, which begs the question – Are the care services in Scotland doing much better than those in England? Or is the inspection system just more rigorous in England?

We are very keen to learn more about how care services are regulated in Scotland, since we are sure that many of the issues faced in Scotland will be the same as those seen in England, and as we have pointed out in our White Paper, most of the most severe issues can be solved with the implementation of a good care management software system such as Real-Time Care from Fastroi.

We will be attending the Digital Health & Care conference at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on the 20th and 21st of February. We look forward to meet you there!

Digital Solutions and the Path to Becoming Outstanding

Digital Solutions and the Path to Becoming Outstanding

Our CEO, Risto Jalovaara will be attending alongside our UK staff, myself (Jim Ward), Scott Gibson and David Johnson. We will be giving a presentation on the digital transformation of the domiciliary care industry, looking in particular at the lessons learnt from Finland and the UK. You can catch our presentation at 13:15 on Wednesday 25th April in Theatre 11.

Seeking out New Challenges

Having established ourselves as the market leader in Finland, we felt we didn’t have to look too far for the next challenge. At the start of 2018, Fastroi began to look at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections and what the inspection results can tell us about the needs for digital solutions in the dementia, nursing home and domiciliary care industries. What we found has not only inspired us but given us a clear picture of the challenges ahead in the social care industry, in both home care and care at home.

Two statistics stood out from the rest and these have allowed us to drill down into the data for some very interesting insights. We discovered that 25% of Residential homes and 20% of Domiciliary care services are rated as ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’

As we went deeper, we uncovered the areas that gave the worst results. To say it was a lightbulb moment is an understatement! The most common 6 issues that appeared in ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ inspection reports, were all areas where a digital management solution like Fastroi’s ‘Real Time Care’ (RTC) would bring about significant improvements. Come along to the stand and pickup a copy of the findings white paper!

As we mentioned in a previous blog post,  the act of making a decision is stressful, because we don’t know the outcome until after we have made the decision. So, for people trying to find the right type of care for their loved ones, having access to information about how an establishment is run is critical, but also, knowing that they are using tools that can provide extra levels of reassurance and peace of mind will make the decision easier.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about our vision for RTC™ in the UK , please download our White Paper  or come and visit us at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo at the booth #12070. For more information about the event and , please follow the link to the exhibition website.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could improve outcomes in residential and domiciliary care by using tools that made reporting easier, management smoother and delivered connected care plans? That would be outstanding!