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Research by Fastroi using CQC data has found around a quarter of care services are rated as ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement.’ Real-Time Care™ (RTC) gives companies running home and domiciliary care services a better way to manage their staff and improve the overall efficiency of their operation without compromising quality. RTC™ can help service providers improve CQC ratings and develop quality. The idea is simple. Every job has admin activities that must be done and they all take time, but with Care Management Software, it becomes possible to automate many of these tasks. With the increasing financial pressures being put on social care, the need to become more efficient is more pressing than ever. Automating these manual tasks releases the care staff`s time so that they can focus more on care, while the burden of the admin tasks shifts into the tool.

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Research carried out by Fastroi, using CQC data, has found that 25% of Residential homes and 20% of domiciliary care services are rated as ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’. The challenge is to offer struggling providers new ways to improve their ratings in difficult times. Our care management software, Real-Time Care™ (RTC), from Fastroi has already solved many of the problems that companies face. In fact, the top 5 issues found by the CQC can all be easily managed with RTC™.

  • Risk Management
  • Staff
  • Quality & Governance
  • HR
  • Care Planning

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Real-Time Care: At the centre of outstanding care

Releasing time from admin tasks gives you more time to care. Using mobile technology, RTC™ provides a platform that drives down the cost of treating patients at home or in care homes. Customers typically see a 25-30% cost and time saving in their operations. The technology transforms inefficient practices such as writing up notes and reporting while at the same time making the whole process safer and less prone to mistakes.

Some of the key features are


  • Secure customer information management
  • Capacity planning
  • Manage skills, preferences and limitations
  • Optimise the customer-care worker match
  • Update shifts and visits in real time
  • Manage holidays and absences
  • Forecasting and reporting

Care Workers

  • Care Plan supports care work
  • Dictate observations directly from mobile devices
  • Customer care can be monitored comprehensively and easily
  • Better Task Preparation

Service User

  • Real time data of Service User’s needs
  • Real time information on services
  • Secure information handling
  • Improved efficiency during visits
  • RTC creates an accurate audit trail that promotes transparency.
  • The journey to becoming Outstanding starts here. Contact us for a demo, more info or access to our CQC white paper.

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