Fastroi is Joensuu’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Joensuu, Finland December 5, 2019. Fastroi have been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Joensuu Entrepreneurs. The event was celebrated on 23 November and marked the 40th anniversary of the awards. 

“Fastroi’s operations have been stable and profitable for several years. Acquisitions have also resulted in growth. In addition, Fastroi has created another profitable business, ”says Joona Kotilainen, President of Joensuu Entrepreneurs.

In 2015, Fastroi acquired Necora Systems Oy and split into two companies. The infrastructure and property construction and maintenance business was then transferred to the current Fluent Progress.

In the selection criteria for entrepreneurs, Fastroi is mentioned as a Joensuu-based company that has consistently developed and grown its own products.

“In recent years, Fastroi has also sought international sales and has been able to expand into the UK,” says Joona Kotilainen. The UK arm of the company has already won its first agreements and will provide the City of Leeds with a mobile work planning and tracking solution for use in their social care sector.

Risto Jalovaara, CEO of Fastroi, thanks Joensuu’s Entrepreneurs for their recognition. He emphasizes that success is due to the hard work of many different parties.

“I would like to thank our company staff, The Finnish Care Companies who support us and other sector organisations for their wonderful cooperation,” Jalovaara says. “Success requires seamless collaboration between all parties.”

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented annually to the company that has demonstrated continuity in its operations and builds its operations on a solid foundation. The award criteria for entrepreneurs include, among other things, that the recipient of the award must actively develop their activities, be a significant employer and be known as a good employer.

More info:
Joona Kotilainen
Chairman (until 31.12.2019), Joensuu Entrepreneurs
+358 50 569 0586

Risto Jalovaara
CEO, Fastroi Oy
+358 50 60 357
risto.jalovaara (at)

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