Successful Digital Transformation Must Take the Complex and Make it Simple

If we want to successfully use technology in Health and Social Care, the tools we provide staff need to be easier to use than they ever have been.

In order for the benefits of digital transformation to be realised, there is a simple point that needs to be remembered. Technology is just another tool that helps people to do their job. If we over complicate the tools we give people, then the resistance to their introduction will be high. If the tools are simple, intuitive and clearly useful, then the resistance to them will be much lower.

At Fastroi, we remember that technology is just an enabler to doing a better job. Real-Time Care (RTC) is a comprehensive Care Management System that allows service providers to simplify the care process and promote genuine encounters between people in various care work environments. This promotes truly integrated care from care providers. RTC helps to solve many of the problems that cause care service providers to perform badly during inspections. This has been recognised in research carried out in Finland where RTC was voted the most user friendly software in social welfare services. The idea is simple. Automate and simplify the processes and then record everything. More information on the research can be found in our blog. To learn more about RTC, download the latest White Papers.

Fastroi will be attending the Health+Care event in London on 27-28th June. You can find us at stand D30 where we will be demonstrating Real-Time Care and showing how digital transformation should making your life easy.

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