Comprehensive software for reablement services helps provide best quality care

Real-Time Care™ (RTC™) is a comprehensive software package for reablement services which helps provide the best quality care and meets the high requirements of care services. RTC™ delivers efficient processes, notable cost savings and reliable capacity checking. It is simple to use and comes with clear visual graphics.


Managing reablement services requires agility and quick responses in changing situations. RTC™ supports efficient care management and a smooth reablement process starting from referrals from all kinds of different sources, including the NHS, all the way to the customer leaving the service.

RTC™ is an all-in-one system that provides not only modern rostering, scheduling and monitoring functions but also a powerful capacity check functionality which can be optimised according to a client’s needs.

As well as offering the RTC™ software to the reablement teams of local authorities, it is also available to their extra care units. RTC™ provides care organisations with a single tool to manage all operations, helping it to deliver outstanding care efficiently and with ease.

Let us help streamline your reablement service processes and make more time available for the most important aspect – care.

Effective daily management of reablement services with RTC™ rostering software

Effective daily management of reablement services is ensured by using RTC™ software which provides real-time rostering and scheduling, capacity planning as well as customer information management. Added to this, the software can be tailored to each client’s needs. All important information is available at your fingertips in a simple and clear visual presentation. Integration with other systems and platforms is available, ensuring a seamless flow of information from care management to administration.

We are very pleased about the feedback from one of our clients, who represents some local authorities in the UK:

“The single schedule on-line where everything can be seen together is a bonus and the reports are very graphical in appearance.”

RTC™ software provides tools for streamlined processes and powerful reporting in reablement services

RTC™ software provides tools for streamlined processes and powerful reporting with more business intelligence for different purposes in reablement services. The system has been designed for regulatory compliance of social care.

Because data is available at any time to all users, continuity of care and transparency of processes are ensured. Customers feel safe when they know each carer always has the most recent information available should their condition require any change of plan.

RTC™ has been recognised for its clear, fresh and modern visual overview. It has been “designed with simplicity in mind”.

“This is one of the best visual planning and schedule boards I’ve seen. Added to that, you can see all relevant information in one place: appointments, staff absences, etc.”

RTC™ for reablement care and extra care comes with friendly and excellent support for users.

RTC App for mobile enables care workers in reablement services to focus on caring

The RTC App for mobile enables care workers in reablement services to focus on caring, thanks to having all relevant data always available. The RTC App for mobile is an excellent tool which keeps all information in one place and allows real-time updates. This is crucial in care work, which requires moving from one appointment location to another and staying on schedule.

Thanks to the RTC App for mobile, communication with other care workers and care management is improved. It is easy to make and see any amendments related to the customer, such as updates to their medical information or daily routines.

The RTC App for mobile allows care workers to:

  • see their programme of work
  • record their work shift start and end times
  • see their daily appointment schedule with relevant customer information
  • view planned tasks and notes from previous appointments
  • access information related to appointment location
  • record care notes and highlight notes as important
  • record reasons for any cancellations or task deviations

Real-Time Care

A Care Management System for the Residential and Domiciliary care
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