Care Home Software Simplifies Residential and Nursing Care Services

Care Home Software simplifies residential care services by reducing complicated, time consuming tasks. Care workers  in residential and nursing care homes need to be able to review the information of multiple Customers every day. Real-Time Care™ holds  the information related to the Customer’s care in a simple and secure manner.

Care Home Software Simplifies Residential and Nursing Care Services

RTC™  allows our Clients  to save time and money by digitising  their processes and daily routines. This brings about improvements to the quality of work as care workers now have more time for the actual care work. 

  • Time and Resource Management
  • Recording  of information
  • Reporting

RTC™ has helped our Clients  save up to 25–30 % in time and costs in the management of their daily routines. This allows them to focus more time and energy on improving the quality of their care work.

Real-Time Care supports the Management and Residential Nursing Care

Real-Time Care™ supports the Management of Residential and Nursing Care. Real-Time Care™ makes the life of a residential or nursing care home manager easier by providing the whole organisation with a single tool to manage their care work operations and employees. 

  • Secure Customer and Employee Information Management 
  • Create & customise alerts and warnings
  • Update work shifts in real time
  • Manage holidays and absence
  • Risk management & assessment 
  • Capacity planning
  • Identify best worker for job – skills bank

One of the CQC inspection criteria is the leadership of organisations. Care Home Software provides management teams with the best tools for their work allowing them greater insight into their operations and employees.

Leading care operations may be tough, but it doesn’t need to be too difficult any more.

Care Home Software supports Residential and Nursing Care Home Workers

Care Home Software supports Residential and Nursing Care Home Workers. Care Home Software is a game changer for residential and nursing care home workers. With Real-Time Care™ they now have access to the right tools all the time. This makes it easier for them to focus on giving the best care possible.

  • Connected Care Plans allow the most current information to be instantly available.
  • Dictating observations directly from mobile devices makes reporting easier
  • Improving the way reporting is done opens up more time for caring
  • Automating tasks leads to less mistakes

Care Home Software creates a better work environment by allowing the strain of the processes to be taken by the tools, can lift a huge burden of responsibility from the care worker. Residential and nursing care homes should be places, where care workers do not feel that they cannot cope. Care workers take pride in their work and RTC™ helps this by reducing the time spent doing administrative tasks. Automatic reporting supports all parties in the event of disagreements or complaints, by having a transparent system that stores every action.


Real-Time Care

A Care Home Software for the Residential and Domiciliary care
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