Real-Time Care™ – Integrated Care Management Software helps improve efficiency

Real-Time Care™ is an integrated Care Management System that helps improve efficiency. At Fastroi, we believe that Health and Social Care companies deserve the latest digital tools to help them deliver a higher quality of care with greater accountability. Our fully integrated system allows management a better overview of the operations of their business, while allowing their employees to be more focused on care work.

Fastroi Real-Time Care™ – Simplifies the Management of Care

Real-Time Care™ (RTC) is simplifying the management of care. RTC™ is a Care Management System designed in cooperation with the best professionals from the care industry.

Imagine being able to easily manage the whole care process on a single, fully integrated platform. Whether you’re looking for paper-free rostering and scheduling or digital recording of care work related information, RTC is able to provide this. Our flexible system can be customised to meet the requirements of both small and large care organisations. Regulatory compliance and accountability will be easier to demonstrate. Using RTC will save you more time for customer-centric care.

RTC™ has been specifically designed in conjunction with our clients in residential care, domiciliary care and reablement care services The power of RTC™ comes from digital processes that support the care work. This allows for a wide range of tasks to be performed more efficiently and by using less resources.

Fastroi provides digital tools for care companies to become outstanding!

Fastroi provides digital tools for care companies to become outstanding. Digital tools help save time from both administrative and care work tasks. For management, RTC™ provides a platform for increased control of their operations. Fastroi Clients typically experience a 25-30 % saving in both costs and time within their operations. RTC can help improve communication and overall efficiency by removing inefficient practices, such as manually writing notes and making phone calls. At the same time RTC makes the whole process more transparent and less prone to mistakes.

Real-Time Care™ is one of the most comprehensive tools available to Care organisations, allowing them to develop a more efficient, higher quality service by using a single integrated platform. RTC™ can bring about process improvements that result in better CQC ratings.

Key features and benefits for using RTC™


Secured Customer Information

Secured Customer Information and Customer Appointment Management in real-time

RTC™ Mobile App

Up to date customer information is available in the Mobile Application.

Scheduling and Rostering

By coordinating care work efficiently and responding better to customer needs in real time, managers can give more focus to improving the quality of service that they provide.

Daily Services

Monitoring daily service delivery in real-time to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Capacity Check

The specified information about available Capacity helps you to stay in balance

Employee Management

Employee Information, Work Time Management and Capacity Planning. Manage skills, preferences and limitations.

Monitoring tools

Powerful tools for reporting and monitoring quality, efficiency and productivity of the operations and services.


Allowing interoperability with other systems and platforms, either partially or entirely.

How can I learn more about starting to use the RTC Care Management System?

Our sales team will answer any questions you may have and you can send a contact request to Up-to-date phone numbers can be found on our contact page. Our sales team will help you to identify your organisation’s needs and we can work with you to make sure the solution we offer you will best suit your needs.
All you need to start using the RTC™ software is to a computer, a mobile phone or tablet and a connection to the internet.

RTC is fully supported during both the deployment phase and once it starts being used in a live environment. RTC users will receive training at the beginning of deployment project and an online user guide will also be provided them. Our helpdesk is also there to support clients with any software issues and questions.

Contact us for a demo, more info or access to our white papers. Review the RTC™ brochure.

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A Care Management Software for the Residential and Domiciliary care sectors.
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