Jump on a journey with us!

Our new internship program is now open. Our autumn travel destination has been published, jump into unforgettable adventures!

Join us on the journey of a lifetime and become a Fastronaut! Our unforgettable trainee programme is open for curious travellers twice a year: spring – summer and late autumn, plus we occasionally offer last minute departures. Fastronaut journeys last 3-6 months, and the application period is during 7 June – 31 July 2022.

The local Fastronauts look forward to welcoming you to the crew. We all are on a great mission: to make the everyday work of health and social care workers easier. Fastronauts are a friendly folk, and your travel destination boasts an open and caring culture. Your stay will be a comfortable one, with helpful guides always available. You will soon feel like a full member of the Fastronauts.

Fastronaut journey offers you

  • Your very own local guide who makes time for you
  • Comfortable travel destination and reliable travel organisers
  • Company of fellow travellers
  • Opportunities to discover your strengths
  • Work with a meaningful mission
  • Open and caring culture

Our spaceship operate from Joensuu and Tampere, so we hope you are located in one of these cities. To secure your travel budget, we provide you a monthly compensation for the traineeship. We want to do our very best in making your journey and stay a memorable and inspiring experience. We would be delighted if this journey helps you find direction to your career or you secure a permanent seat on planet Fastroid. Many of our previous Fastronaut trainees have joined us permanently while some of them visit us regularly whenever their studies allow.

Destinations in autumn 2022

  • Joensuu / Tampere: Software Development
  • Joensuu: Marketing and Sales

I have had a good experience with Fastroi for the summer internship. There is a friendly atmosphere besides professional people who dedicate their time and energy willingly to help you learning. The company direction has had the greatest impact on my ability to do my best work more often from the time I’m here, because the mission is to facilitate social&health care through technology. That makes you feel valued as you can play a role in this regard.

– Atena, UEF

I have been well involved in the Hilkka mobile development team. The brainstorming has been interesting, I feel completely part of this team and my opinions are well listened to. I wish I could work on either the web or mobile development in the future.

– Esa, Karelia University of Applied Sciences

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